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Inferior rib notching – refers to a remodeling deformity of the…

Inferior rib notching – refers to a remodeling deformity of the lower aspect of the ribs, usually induced by dilated intercostal vessels. Arterial dilatation most commonly occurs when there is obstruction of the aorta such as in coarctation, while venous dilatation may occur in the setting of SVC obstruction. In both settings the intercostal vessels act as collaterals to bypass the primary vascular obstruction with the rib notching being a secondary effect. Nerve sheath tumours are the major non-vascular cause of inferior rib notching. 

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Acoustic neuroma – a relatively common type…

Acoustic neuroma – a relatively common type of schwannoma arising from the vestibulocochlear nerve (CN VIII). It typically presents with sensorineural hearing loss or tinnitus and accounts for 75 – 90% of cerebellopontine angle masses. Extension into the internal acoustic canal is a major differentiating feature and results in a trumpeted appearance of the canal and a classic ice-cream cone appearance with the portion outside the canal representing the ice-cream. When seen bilaterally, acoustic neuromas are strongly suggestive of neurofibromatosis type 2.   

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